Sluttalk the official blog for the Slut Bank site, welcome from The Bank Manager. I write most of the content you will read in the Blog. I don't pretend to be a professional blogger. But I do have quite the creative mind, basically I am a pervert lol.

I will write blogs relevant to the kind of content you will find on slutbank. Sluttalk will include school girl, girl next door, and of course DDLG. Loads of stuff on blowjob videos, face fucking and deepthroat. Not to mention roleplays, including lots of older guy younger women roleplays. Including the taboo step dad and step daughter roleplays.

We will also have guest writers submitting editorial content for sluttalk, the best and most interesting reads. And don't forget loads of naughty pics, we all need something to help us make a deposit after all lol.

Want to become an Author ?

Is writing your thing ? We are looking for authors to submit articles to our sluttalk page, alas it's not paid... however if you want to promote something we will allow you to link two keyword/keyword phrases within the article/blog.

It doesn't matter if your an experiences author, blogger or a student just wanting to get yourself some experience and exposure, sluttalk is a great platform to use as a influencer marketing platform.

Submit all articles to [email protected] we obviously reserve the right to reject an article without reason. We will also need you to include at least 1 image with the editorial, you must have the rights to use this image.

Likewise if any of our fans would like to see a particular subject covered, such as your favourite porn star, or a particular niche, again hit us up at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you and write about the things you guys (and girls) want to read.