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Daddy Role Play

Daddy Role Play, one of the most enticing and scintillating niches. In porn is the daddy daughter or old man young girl roleplaying niche. There is no shortage of men who immerse themselves in things like daddy dom videos and stepdaughter fucking videos.

It’s not just the men either. Many petite and ambrosial girls get off on the niche as well. Horny guys and girls from all over the world have a fetish for taboo and naughty family porn. The internet is satisfying the demand for it more every day. It has never been so easy to find things like threesomes and family fantasies.

It may not be real, but when you see these taboo fantasies played out before your eyes, you can’t help but get caught up in it. There is a clear demand for this type of role playing in porn. There are likely much more people who get off on it than are willing to admit. Luckily, it doesn’t look like this niche is losing popularity any time soon. As a matter of fact, it continues to grow at an alarming rate thanks to nubile, slim, and young-looking porn stars. Lexi Belle, Riley Reid, Jill Kassidy, and Molly Jane, who play out their dad crush fantasies before your eyes.


Daddy role play is a great scenario that is often played out in these daddy daughter fetish videos is the daughter or stepdaughter getting caught by her daddy or stepdad doing something naughty. Daddy needs to fuck them balls deep and fill all their tiny holes with cum as punishment. Bubbly, tiny, supple, and gorgeous blonde porn star Lexi Belle is familiar with this niche.

She has answered the question of, “who’s your daddy” by deepthroating cock and taking it in all her holes until she squeals with pleasure. She seems to get more aroused from the roleplaying because she screams for more, trembles, and writhes around. When she is pounded by a lucky guy who is pretending to be her dad. The more she is immersed in the taboo fantasy, the more you are. You are sure to reach your peak arousal as well when she asks daddy to fuck her harder.

Riley Reid

A stunning and adorable porn star who seems to get off on the family fantasy even more than Lexi is Riley Reid. This spirited and insatiable porn minx loves doing things like dressing up like a cheerleader and fucking a guy who is supposed to be her stepdad. She knows that it’s taboo and wrong and that’s why she cums so hard when she does the scenes.

When her stepdad goes ball deep, she gets this look on her face like she is about to explode. It is not long before she does. You can tell how aroused she becomes by the way she looks at the father figure. He is filling her holes with his stiff cock. When she approaches peak arousal, she no longer cares whether mommy is going to walk in and lets out loud moans of delight as she wiggles around, cumming all over his cock. Riley loves a bit of daddy role play.

Daddy Issues

Tan and enchanting young cum guzzler Jill Kassidy is yet another example of a nubile young porn star. She gets wet just thinking about her daddy or stepdad filling her up with his fat cock. She is insatiable with sexual energy, so she is always either fingering her pussy or using a toy. When her daddy catches her fucking herself with a vibe, it’s the beginning of a family story that you will not soon forget.

She gets embarrassed at first, but after a minute or two, you can tell that she has had a family sex fantasy on her mind, that she cannot wait to satisfy. Like many girls, she has daddy issues, but she deals with these issues by letting daddy have his way with her.

Molly Jane

Molly Jane has also been known to do enormously titillating videos where she is daddy’s weakness. This little slut shines in videos where family secrets are revealed, and she seduces her dad into fucking her tight pussy. She likes to do things like lay in the floor acting like she’s watching television and starts rubbing her dad’s cock with her feet while he sits on the couch above her. She really does love sucking and fucking her daddy's cock in a horny daddy role play scene

He tries to resist, but she is just too hot, soft, and sensual and he can’t help but fuck her. He gives her the huge throbbing daddy cock that she desires. You will not be able to resist this daddy role play any more than he can. There is something about sex with a young barely 18 slut. Family role play that is so taboo and wrong that makes it oh so right. When you hear the long and irresistible moan of a girl who has just had her daddy pump her full of cum, you will know why this fetish is so popular.


The whole DDLG scene is massive. Nothing like a older guy dominating a young girl, the Daddy Dom takes charge of the little girl. Dresses her up in a cute dress and plays with her. 

There are many porn sites where you can find this type of video content and a site doesn’t have to showcase it exclusively to have it available. Sites like includes some family role play and videos and incorporates them into a wider niche. This site doesn’t contain all daddy daughter and videos, but there are certainly plenty of these scenes to choose from. Daddy role plays at their best.

They incorporate the father daughter niche because it can fit their theme of a fat man fucking a petite girl. Other sites like specialize in it. The taboo nature of the site is made clear by their tag line that reads “let’s keep this between us”.

Some of the videos you might find there are scenes like 2 nubile girl next door blondes pretending to sleep while their daddy plays with their pussies and fucks them. Others involve a stepdaughter begging her stepdad to cum before mom gets home. No matter what the scenario, you can expect to be seduced by these horny little daddy’s girls.

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